History of Greenwood Energy

Greenwood Energy has a strong track record through investing in alternative energy technologies and developing clean energy assets. Formed in 2010 in connection with the acquisition of Greenwood Fuels (a recycled fuel pellet manufacturer in Green Bay, Wisconsin), Greenwood Energy is the US-focused clean energy investment vehicle of the Libra Group. After achieving substantial growth, we separated the business into three distinct entities: Convergen Energy (centered on cleaner alternatives to traditional fossil fuel generation), Greenwood Energy Latam (focused on solar PV projects in Central America), and Greenwood Energy which continues to concentrate on solar PV projects in the US. Greenwood Energy typically partners with local solar developers and has solar projects in Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Vermont, and Hawaii.

We are part of the Libra Group, a privately owned international business group which controls over 30 subsidiaries operating across six continents. Libra also has substantial renewable energy interests in Europe through its subsidiary EuroEnergy, which is a prime operator in the European renewable market for clean energy from wind, solar, and biomass sources. Greenwood has a strategic relationship with EuroEnergy which undertook the Libra Group’s first solar investment in 2005. Libra’s core sectors are aviation, hospitality, real estate, shipping, diversified investments, and energy.

Operating in clean energy industry since 2010
Financed and constructed four portfolios of solar PV projects totaling 83 MW
Strategic relationships with major capital providers
Full scope of capabilities from early stage development to own and operate

Capabilities that get projects built.

Who We Are

The Greenwood Energy team has combined experience of over 55 years in solar and over 65 years in renewable energy. We have the technical, legal and financial expertise to take solar projects from development to operation and beyond. We target projects between 1 MW and 15 MW located throughout the United States, and have the capability and experience to tackle larger projects. Typically, projects with similar risk profiles and timelines are aggregated into portfolios comprising six to ten projects totaling 10 MW to 30 MW. Using a portfolio strategy provides critical mass so that we can leverage our strategic relationships with top-tier third party tax equity and debt providers. Once in operation, we work hard to deliver maximum value from our assets.

The renewables sector has come of age, particularly solar power. The union of capital and technology are making a difference to the global economy by lowering the cost of energy.

Fidel Andueza
Chief Investment Officer, The Libra Group

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